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Thank you so much, you did such an amazing job! Definitely one of the most thorough home inspections we have ever had, and we really appreciate how fast you got it done. Thanks again!

- Ashley

Thank you so much for the thorough inspection and finding everything you did also for the quick written report. My wife and I really appreciate it. I’ll look forward to seeing the water test.

- Eric

Thank you very much for meeting on Friday and getting the inspection done thoroughly and on such short notice. I really appreciate the detail in your work.

- Tanner

Many thanks for your time today and for your professional opinions on the questions we had about the home.

- Martyn & Florence

Thank you for your thorough report. Very informational and helpful. I think I may have some bargaining to do on the sale price.

- J.

I was glad to refer you, it was easy because you did an awesome job.

- Mandy

Thank you for the detailed inspection report and the work you provided.

- Christian

That looks like a good job. I will recommend you to other buyers.

- Shane

Thank you for taking the time to present at our June HBE class.

- Rosie

Thank you for your very thorough and helpful report.

- Sara

You’re amazing! Thank you so much.

- Bill

Thank you for your report. I like your reports.

- Sheila - Realtor

Thank you very much for being thorough. The owners brother is a contractor. I think all of these things can be repaired or addressed by a licensed electrician, plumber and contractor. I am glad that we were able to get you in that crawlspace. This is Krista’s first home and we want her to have fun updating her home not repairing it. I’ll visit with her from here.

- Marie - Realtor

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